Ukraine Flag

Of course, the Ukraine situation takes priority over everything. We must all help them in whatever way we can. Pearl’s Pandemic Pilgrimage was first planned in November 2021. So we are not competing against Ukraine and will continue as planned. However, should we actually succeed in raising more than the €4000 required for Kanuth’s children the excess amount will be donated to a reputable charity for Ukraine.

21.08.2022 – Update from Pearl

Hi everybody, it’s me, Pearl! Both old Kev and I would like to thank you for your donations and interest. Kev is now sorting the three sources of donations (cash that we collected on the way, PayPal donations and bank transfers) into one account. In a day or two, the last of those transfers will be complete, and the money will be transferred to Kanuth via PayPal. That final transfer will take no more than an hour, and the donation will be handed over in cash without any charges at Kanuth’s end!

This action will help Kanuth considerably and comes at exactly the right time as he expects to be billed for the second half of the school year within the next week or so. Many thanks to you all once again.

Donations are now closed, the button has been taken off this site as have the bank details. But you can still read the blog, in case you have not done that yet.

For those of you who donated via PayPal – if you need the receipt of payment then go into your PayPal Account and check your Activities on the date of your donation (you can enter a date range if you are not sure when that was).

For those who paid directly via bank transfer or cash – if you need a receipt of payment for tax purposes, then send me an email and I will send you one that contains a copy of your payment from the bank statement.

Kanuth says, “Many thanks for all contributions. My children and I are all very grateful, and they will do their very best at school”.