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21.08.2022 – Update from Pearl

Hi everybody, it’s me, Pearl! Both old Kev and I would like to thank you for your donations and interest. Kev is now sorting the three sources of donations (cash that we collected on the way, PayPal donations and bank transfers) into one account. In a day or two, the last of those transfers will be complete and the money will be transferred to Kanuth via PayPal. That final transfer will take no more than an hour, and the donation will be handed over in cash without any charges at Kanuth’s end!

This action will help Kanuth considerably and comes at exactly the right time as he expects to be billed for the second half of the school year within the next week or so. Many thanks to you all once again.

Donations are now closed, the button has been taken off this site as have the bank details. But you can still read the blog, in case you have not done that yet.

For those of you who donated via PayPal – if you need the receipt of payment then go into your PayPal Account and check your Activities on the date of your donation (you can enter a date range if you are not sure when that was).

For those who paid directly via bank transfer or cash – if you need a receipt of payment for tax purposes, then send me an email and I will send you one that contains a copy of your payment from the bank statement.

Kanuth says, “Many thanks for all contributions. My children and I are all very grateful, and they will do their very best at school”.

You can prove that your donation goes to Tarimo children’s education here: Tarimo Kids at School After receiving the sum of all donations in July 2022 Kanuth will post all schooling invoices there so that you can see how your donation is being used! The children will post their school reports too!

How to Help Without Donating (click this bar)

Of course we need donations. But, we have a better chance of helping Collin, Kevin, Colletha and Cleopatra if many more people are aware of their plight. So, by informing as many friends and relations as possible you are helping our cause. Depending on your (and your recipients) ownership of email accounts, smart phones, social media accounts, you could…

Just pass this link to them, via;-

  • Telephone text (SMS, Signal, WhatsApp etc.)
  • Email
  • Instagram
  • FaceBook

Of course! You may wish to donate too!

Tell Many People and donate little! (click this bar)

Just 10 euro cents per kilometer would result in you donating approximately 14 euros and 70 cents. Or 10p, or US & Australian cents would achieve a similar amount. Please note: We might take the wrong path on the way and retrace our footsteps, or we may take a short cut. This means that our actual kilometerage my vary between, say, 140 Km and 155 Km. Although, you can remain with 147 kilometers if you wish.

If 272 people donated that amount that we would achieve our target of 4,000 € for one year’s education for all four children. So please do that and inform as many contacts as possible.

Hopefully the pandemic is under control in 2022 but in Tanzania it could take a while before tourism enables Kanuth to earn enough. So, should we exceed the target for one year’s education the rest will contribute to school fees in 2023.

Two Types of Donation: 1. thePledge (click this bar)

PLEDGE: in this case you pledge to pay your donation amount per kilometer at the end of the trek. To do this I ask you to send an email to (that mail account is only for this purpose).

The pledge email need only contain the amount that you will donate per kilometer, or the maximum fixed amount that you will donate after the trek is complete. And it should contain any word that you use as a reference when making payment so That I can send you a receipt after seeing that reference word and your amount on the bank statement.

The purpose of that mail is to be able to show, on this website, the total pledged amount from all pledges, so that we can all see how close we are to our target.

Your email address will be known only to me and I promise never to give it or sell it to anyone else.

I will keep your email address safe and for two reasons only. I will send you just one reminder after I have finished the trek. This one and only reminder will inform you that the campaign will be stopped one month after you receive the reminder. You have then one month to make your payment (payment methods below).

After sending that reminder I will check the bank statements each week looking for the amount you paid and the reference word you used. Once I see that on the bank statement I will send you a receipt and will then delete your email address.

Two Types of Donation: 2. Immediate (click this bar)

IMMEDIATE: If you prefer to pay a fixed amount regardless of how far we trek you can do that at any time – even now, click on “Payment Methods and Donate Button”. You have the choice of payment methods below.

If you pay using PayPal then they will send (or store for you) a receipt.

If you pay directly into the bank account then you must send me a mail requesting a receipt. State in the mail how much you paid and the reference word that you write on the bank transfer. I will then check the bank account and send you a receipt as soon as I see your donation on the bank statement, after that I will delete your mail address.

Payment Methods & Donate Button (click this bar)

Option 1: Bank Transfer
You can donate just like you normally pay anything else – with a bank transfer. That transfer can be handwritten and taken to the bank or executed online, if you have online banking.

I will not take credit cards in order to ensure data privacy. Here, the bank details…

     Account Holder Name: Kevin Mahoney
     Bank Name: Hypovereinsbank
     IBAN: DE 79 700 20270 00 34592314
please enter a reference code, anything you wish, and then let me have that code per email so that I can produce and send you your paid invoice for possible tax benefits.

Option 2: if you have a PayPal account
Use the PayPal button on this page, below this text. If you have a PayPal account that should all be familiar to you. If you do not have a PayPal account and want to pay through them then you should read their data privacy and security information and if you feel it is safe create an account with them before using the PayPal button here.

Tax Returns (click this bar)

Depending on where you live your finance department may accept the receipt that I (or PayPal) send you to give you some tax relief. However, I cannot guarantee that.

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