Kanuth Tarimo

Kanuth and Collin in August 2008

Kanuth was 25 years old when I met him in 2003.

He had a simple, short education and his first job was as a porter carrying gear for the tourists climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. After a while he began cooking for the climbers too. I met him in his second job, as cook for a safari company. He was our constant companion on the 14 day safari because our driver/guide was not really bothered. Kanuth showed even then a good knowledge of the wild animals and local cultures. He cared for us far more than a safari cook normally would, on his own initiative.

My son and I were hoping to build our own business in Tanzania, a safari lodge but we would live in Germany and needed a Tanzanian that we could trust to help us. We put our trust in Kanuth and never regretted it! For two years he helped us with information about materials and costs to build a safari lodge near Lake Manyara. He even lived in a tent on site whilst the bungalows were being built. I had a limited budget so I was unable to pay him. However on my trip out there when he helped me purchase the land I bought a second hand Landrover, which we needed for the business, and insured it for Kanuth to drive. Kanuth was thus able to sub-contract to safari companies to earn money as a safari guide/driver. During this time he studied East African Wildlife and tourism management.

By 2007 our lodge was ready to open and we took on our first guests, Kanuth did a great job as Lodge Manager. Unfortutunately the world wide bank crisis in 2008 and the lack of tourists in the next few years caused me to go bankrupt. I was able to let Kanuth keep the Landrover and when the tourists began to come back in 2011 he managed to build up his small tourist business. But the pandemic has brought that to an end. Large safari companies take the vast majority of tourists leaving the overflow for the one man companies. Even the larger companies are suffering and laying off employees.

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