This is Pearl and I in the mountains south of Valencia. This website is not about Pearl nor myself, but you should know a little about us, as the two of us will be be sponsored for the 147 kilometer trek from Puchheim to the Zugspitze near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Pearl’s page is here. If all goes well I will be 74 years old just two days before the trek. I have always enjoyed performing various sports. Since 1996 I belong to the oldies athletic group at the sports club in Puchheim, where I have lived since 1984. So, if I remain well the trek should be no major strain. Although it is quite a strain to carry a 15 kilogram rucksack and to control an active young dog, mostly on a leash. Not to mention achy bones after ten nights in a one man (and dog) tent!

However, I look forward to the challenge and the wonderful scenery. I am a birdwatcher, so my binoculars will be at the ready.

At the age of 22 I travelled in a VW Bus with two friends through western Europe and crossed over to Cueta, the Spanish conclave in Morocco. We drove along the Atlas mountains into Algeria then through Tunisia and Lybia and on to Egypt. From Egypt we travelled across Lake Nasser into the Sudan and on to Kenya, where I worked in Nairobi for a while. I got sick, returned home, got a new girlfriend and in 1974 we flew to Nairobi together. We went on from Mombassa by boat to Pakistan then India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaya and Singapore. From there we returned home, got married, had two wonderful children and we are still together in Puchheim. Now we have four wonderful grandchildren and two other fantastic people, our daughter-in-law and son-in-law.

It was Africa that stuck in my blood. Like a virus that has no vaccine, it will always be there. Since our travelling days I have also visited Gambia, Niger and my first trip to Tanzania, which you can read about in Kanuth’s page here.

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