Pearl (P- E- A- R- L)

Although this site is no longer about my dogpark old Kev wants to keep my page and blog because I am doing the walk for Kanuth’s children too. I will walk the whole 147 kilometers (but without a heavy rucksack ha ha!).

where it all began…

On day 20 of October in 2018 I was born in Hallertau, Bavaria. I have 6 brothers and three sisters – all born on the same day! My mum is … Continue readingwhere it all began…

my new home

I missed my brothers and sisters at times but was having great fun in my new home learning lots of new things, Kevin taught me to sit, … Continue readingmy new home

fun at school

Kev took me to a place where puppies can play and learn but there was only one other puppy there and he wasn't much fun. He was so … Continue readingfun at school

now I love him very much

Old Kev is my special mate. He rarely goes out without me and when he does I cuddle up on the sofa with Angie, until he gets home. … Continue readingnow I love him very much

the games we play!

Kev found some home schooling for me! It’s called “Absolute Dogs” and it is all based on playing games - great, eh? … Continue readingthe games we play!

preparing for the walk

The first thing Kev did to prepare was to take me to my Dr. Schwarz in Gröbenzell. He said that I was fit enough to do the walk, but... … Continue readingpreparing for the walk

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