Privacy Policy

It is quite easy really!

  • This website ONLY uses cookies for functionality, for example: to prevent the subscription form appearing every time you open a page. The subscription form will only appear once per week.
  • We only receive the following information from you…
    1. Your Email Address
      • which I will never give nor sell to anyone else
      • which I will only use to send a paid invoice
      • and, to send one single reminder, in case you have not made a donation
      • I will delete all email addresses at the latest 3 months after the trek is over.
    2. The Amount that you donate or pledge, which is only used for the paid invoice and to calculate the total amounts that are pledged and donated
    3. Your name, nickname or reference that you write on the bank transfer or PayPal payment. This information on its own is of no use to anyone. It will in any case be deleted as will the entire website within 3 months after the trek is completed.
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