Why is Pearl asking for Sponsors?

The Original Reason

Two and a half years ago, Pearl was just 6 months old and I was unable to let her run free unless we were alone in the countryside. So to play with other dogs I had to pay for dog play sessions and had to drive for a while to get there. I knew that other countries like the U.S, England, and Spain all have amazing municipal dog parks with agility courses. So, I started a petition within our home town to get one. I heard nothing from the town council for two years and believed that the pandemic was causing resource and financial problems. So in November 2021 I decided to raise money through a sponsored walk but discovered in December that my town will not accept money for the project. However, they assure me that they now have two plots of land reserved for dog parks and I will be able to see their progress in spring 2022. A thank you to Puchheim from the 300+ people who have so far signed the petition.

So that is the reason my dog, Pearl, was chosen to be the main requestor for donations and why her Facebook page and Instagram page go out to dog owners (at the moment).

The Original Plan

I planned a hike from my home in Puchheim, just west of Munich, to the Zugspitze (Germany’s highest mountain). I mapped out a scenic route via Lake Ammer (Ammersee). It is about 150 Kilometers over 10 days because I do not want to strain Pearl so there is no single day stretch of more than 19 Kilometers. We walk all the way with a 15 Kilo rucksack and a tent! I am 73 years old but quite fit thanks to Pearl and my regular sport.

The New Reason & the Original Plan

The Short Version

I ask you to support my best friend Kanuth, in Tanzania, whose main hope in life is to educate his children to a high standard. You may also be supporting all children in Tanzania with your donation. This is because Kanuth recently took a loan from the bank to pay the school fees for 2022. Currently his debt to the bank is around 3,425€. He has paid some back after earning from various mini-jobs.

4,000€ remains our target and if we achieve that Kanuth will pay whatever amount is still outstanding with the bank and the remainder will be paid into the UNICEF fund which is attempting to improve education in Tanzania. The exact details will be posted on this website after the sponsored walk is complete and all donating is stopped (approximately the end of June 2022).

Kanuth has had no business since the pandemic, he ran a small safari tour guide business. Tourism is at a stillstand in Tanzania thanks to covid.

The new plan is exactly the same hike as in the original plan: approximately 150 Kilometers from my home to Germany’s highest mountain – the Zugspitze.

Get to Know Kanuth and his Children.

Kanuth – a very brief character reference and a link to details.

I have known Kanuth since 2003, I have stayed with his mother and family in Arusha and with him and his children in Dar es Salaam. He managed a business for me in Tanzania and I was able to trust him with my complete investment. My business was bankrupted in 2009 (2008 bank crisis – no tourism) but we remain, close friends, although continents apart. You can read more about Kanuth and our common history here.

Kanuth and Family

In 2004 Kanuth met Grace. By 2006 they were married with one child, Collin. With four children Grace ran off with another man whilst Kanuth was away on Safari. He is now a happy single parent trying to grow and sell vegetables and earn money by doing other occasional jobs. He is managing to look after and nourish his children but little more. The children’s education was paid for last year by some generous donations from my family and some friends. Now we need to help them to continue.

Donate Just a Little to Help a Lot!

And here you can see exactly how to do that.

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